The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment

(Berkshire & Wiltshire)

The sun had set beyond yon hill, Across the dreary moor, When weary and lame, a boy there came, Up to the farmer's door, "Can you tell me whe'ere I be, And one that will me employ," To plough and sow, to reap and mow, And be a farmer's boy, And be a farmer's boy?


Shortly before the duty at Buckingham Palace, Field Marshal his Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, the Colonel-in-Chief, presented new Colours to the regiment at Howe Barracks, Canterbury, on 8 June 1984. The previous stand of Colours had been presented by him in 1959 on the formation of the regiment. The officers receiving the Colours were Second Lieutenants White and Dennis.

The escorts for the new Colour's were WO 2 Bryant; Colour Sergeants North and McLeod. An old soldier who witnessed the parade and who had taken part in many parades in the past said 'It was a brilliant parade, the lads were very steady and a credit to the regiment. I don't know what it is, but when the Colours appear on parade, with the Battle Honours displayed it gives you real pride'.

These Colours were carried until 1994 when they were laid up in the regimental museum after the amalgamation with the Gloucestershire Regiment.


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